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Trace Technology

Goods traceability and optimized checks

3NTT Trace Technology precisely and optimally manages all the traceability requirements for each asset, especially for insurance and security purposes.

Each solution is born of the customer's needs, and every technological idea begins with listening to the real problems of our clients, thus creating a tailor-made product.

For this reason, the solutions offered by 3NTT Trace Technology have often been the first on the market to solve specific needs in fleet management, freight management and, in particular, insurance company solutions.

Via the dedicated portal developed by 3NTT Group, conceived to allow insurance companies to monitor end users and contractors, it becomes possible to export simple reports that clearly present all data, thus simplifying analysis and operations.

While very simple to use, it is also privacy-oriented, excluding any maps, locations and history. The only data are statistical.

Vehicle license plate or unit code data can be selected. Insurance company operators can access any report at a single click.

Trace Technology focuses on one element in particular:

Space Satellite

Satellite security

The 3NTT Model for Satellite Security has the objective of safeguarding every individual and every object in movement. It uses ICT tools to optimize the operations of vehicles and people on the territory, thus reducing costs.


Our solutions for vehicle tracking are tailored to the needs of fleets owned by private companies and public bodies, rail transport, ports and airports, from a few vehicles to thousands of vehicles, via either standard or customized solutions.


3NTT Group’s proposals and projects are specifically tailored to the needs of the customer, who can have at their disposal a library with over 400 different configurations, pre-implemented, continuously updated and integrated with video surveillance systems, access control, and so on.


All systems are interconnected in a composite communication network, through which they communicate with the Operations Centre – the active core of the process – and integrate information coming from outside.


The ability to analyse and correlate data makes it possible to optimize the control process, and is conducive to an advanced, integrated security system logic.

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