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Security Operation Centre at Battersea Power Station


A single remote control centre for maximum security

The Security Operations Centre (SOC) is the true operating heart of 3NTT Group and all its security-based activities. It is a hub for global, integrated management of the network.

All information pertaining to the security statuses of all infrastructures and supervised systems is collected, coordinated and monitored in the SOC 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The SOC puts a logical, standardized system in place for all 3NTT Group services, ensuring the provision of a secure and effective emergency service. Systems and programs designed using the SOC’s artificial intelligence capabilities can link up with infrastructure management processes and handle any issues.

The SOC provides 3NTT Group with the tools to oversee three broad types of essential service:

Management services

Where the Operations Centre steers and coordinates all security monitoring activities

Proactive services

designed to improve your house or company’s level of protection.

Monitoring services

Which involves all actions required for prompt detection of attempted probing, intrusions and attacks on the systems

The SOC resides in a totally secure, constantly monitored location, thus ensuring its functional and continuous operation at all times.

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