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River Thames seen from 3NTT headquarters

Who We Are

Born in London since 2013

Crossrail Place Roof Garden

Security and freedom. The foundations of 3NTT Group

As a general rule, security systems impose limits on your own freedom, as well as that of others.

Today, thanks to the systems designed and manufactured by 3NTT Group, you can finally be in charge of your own security, managing it in a way that is autonomous and independent.

With headquarters in London the Group has an articulated organisational structure, operating through subsidiaries and joint ventures, thanks to strategic collaborations on key international, high-potential markets.

3NTT Group is an international company offering high levels of security, protection and defence at a global level, in any possible scenario of intervention, including land, sea and cyberspace.

3NTT Group has created a network of companies that draw on their own skills to offer a complementary portfolio of products and solutions. These  combine to create integrated operating systems, capable of intervening at all stages related to the management of complex events and scenarios, where coordinated and immediate responses are required.

London view

Throughout its product range, 3NTT Group assumes a "lifelong commitment" to its customers, representing a continual presence in the servicing and upgrading of systems, with tailored training programmes to complement general training.
3NTT works alongside governments, institutions, citizens and communities.

Our strengths

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