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Information security and protection

Technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives where all processes are being digitalised, leading to the accumulation of hordes of information.

This information is the most valuable asset owned by any company or organization. As such, it must be protected from breaches perpetrated not only by outside sources but also by in-house staff.

Unfortunately, the number of attempts to access data stealthily via advanced persistent threats is also increasing exponentially.

Thanks to its vast experience in the field, 3NTT Group can provide specially tailored high-tech services to handle issues of all kinds. Its comprehensive solutions offer unbeatable Cyber Security, encompassing measures to prevent incidents and attacks, as well as strategies for dealing with such matters.

Below are the five processes for which 3NTT Group has developed specialized applications capable of guaranteeing the highest level of security for communications and data, using different tools and based on the type of service used.

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Security Monitoring Screens

SOC for Cyber Security

The Security Operations Centre (SOC) is the operating heart of 3NTT Group. As well as performing its core role of integrated operations monitoring for the entire 3NTT Group system, the SOC is also the tool used by our team for cyber security purposes. It gathers security alerts from a range of detection tools on a unified interface, so that they can be systematically organized and analysed. A blend of human and artificial intelligence is harnessed to respond to all security incidents. Complying with the relevant standards and procedures, the SOC orchestrates the use of various security, log collection, aggregation and correlation tools, focusing in particular on:

Intrusion detection and monitoring

Intrusion detection, security analysis with the SOC team, and the introduction of prevention systems.

Vulnerability detection and monitoring

Detection of vulnerabilities in clients' systems. The service includes vulnerability scanning and regular reports from a Service Delivery Manager.

Support services

The Help Desk is available via our dedicated telephone number and email address, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Malware detection and monitoring

Malware detection, device analysis and security analysis by the SOC team.

APT detection and monitoring

Detection of advanced persistent threats (APTs) in clients' systems, including device management and security analysis by the SOC team.

Business man on a video call


A real mobile security centre with total privacy protection, allowing you to make secure VoIP calls from anywhere, to receive and send cryptate e-mails and to arrange video conferences and conference calls in just a few steps. The service is secure, as it does not connect through public telephone exchanges or unknown servers.

Crypto.Call encrypts the voice communication via a dedicated VPN, so that it becomes impossible to intercept it externally or to eavesdrop on the conversation in progress.

When powered up, each mobile terminal will contact the dedicated server by establishing a secure connection. Calls made or received will be made secure via a complex encryption algorithm.

The phone's operating system has been specially designed to maintain the user's standard user experience, in order to facilitate access to one key technology. This technology has evolved to be user-friendly within any interface. Despite offering levels of protection for access to the same device, the sound quality of secure phone calls is equal to that of traditional calls.

Privacy without compromise

Easy usability without ever losing any data.


Unlimited conversations, text calls, videos and conferences between 3NTT Group members.

Multiple telephones in one

Merges data from your professional and personal life into a single phone, whilst keeping them separate.

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