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Physical Security

people and environments protected
and safe

Thanks to the technological applications of 3NTT Physical Security, security is no longer an issue for people and their private and professional worlds. We offer highly flexible solutions, designed to meet all defence and security requirements, satisfying the market demand. Environmental monitoring, management and security of urban infrastructures and management of main events are just some of the factors that 3NTT Physical Security take into account, in order to guarantee maximum security.

Physical Security solutions completely cover situations where people or individuals are involved in environments in which they live, work and move.

The systems developed and offered by 3NTT are mainly geared towards security, intrusion detection, video surveillance and access control, focusing on the utmost safeguarding of an individual's physical safety.

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These services are based on careful and timely analysis to create customized projects that are effective and efficient, enabling you to obtain definite results in terms of real and sustainable security in the following areas:

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City and Territory

3NTT Group offers governments a Model of Urban Security that is fully aligned with the modern Smart City concept.

Combining the use of communication networks with innovative integrated security systems, it becomes possible to monitor places frequently visited by women, children and senior citizens. Examples include schools and parks, neighbourhoods with a high crime rate and other high-risk areas. Public squares and areas used for major events (e.g. parking areas, fairs, stadiums) can also be protected from vandalism, damage and violence.

3NTT Group's security solution integrates high-resolution video surveillance systems, video analysis systems and accessed control systems. This makes it possible to prevent or report potentially dangerous events by implementing filtered and automated control procedures, based on numerous variables such as time of day, type of event and risk factors.

Guided by smart urban furnishings, such as SOS columns, wired benches and intelligent lighting poles that allow requests for help to be sent, interventions by law enforcement agencies will be more effective and targeted, increasing the sense of security among citizens.

Operations Centres are at the heart of the system – these monitor and analyse events, and manage the coordination of forces in the field. Via an open and scalable technological platform – equipped with modules for integration and communication with other systems – it becomes possible to implement SIA (Advanced Integrated Security) operations.


Cultural Heritage

The protection of Cultural Heritage requires the design and use of specific technologies for museums, squares, monuments and archaeological sites, all of which need protecting from theft, intrusions, unauthorized access, vandalism, deterioration, damage and fire. The safety of visitors and staff must also be guaranteed.

3NTT Group offers an Integrated Security solution that implements control system access, burglar alarms, anti-theft alarms, video surveillance and analysis systems, video imaging and fire detection. This offers an increased level of Defence Security to works of art and archaeological finds.

Via an open, reliable and scalable technology platform, it becomes possible to integrate Security & Safety systems, systems for technological control, and insights gleaned from other processes, both internal and external to the company. This optimizes the overall costs and maximizes the effectiveness of these systems. An Operations Centre oversees  all systems, managing events and alarms rapidly, coordinating the actions of the police and dynamically adaptingoperational security procedures to the current state of play.

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Monitoring and Terrorism

Territory control is managed by institutional or private Operational Centres, which represent the active core of the Security Model. Using an open-technology platform and scalable data, images and videos are captured, analysed and saved by a network of sensors that connect all monitored areas.


The Platform is equipped with modules for integration and communication with other systems, either internally or externally. For example, license-plate reading systems and local cameras can be used for monitoring vehicles, and will interface with the driver and vehicle licensing authorities and/or judicial register for checking and assessment purposes. Systems like these can also allow for the collection of traffic statistics, monitoring of access to limited traffic zones, and the optimization of traffic control.


Via the Platform, the Operations Centre manages alarm events, coordinating the intervention of the police, and operates a two-way real-time function for citizens via info-mobility systems.


As this information can be analysed and correlated, this allows for the implementation of Integrated Safety logics, and enables the optimization of operator monitoring processes, assigning an overall and multidimensional risk factor to each event.

Security screens

Institutional Sites

Institutional Sites have very high security requirements involving the protection of infrastructure, individuals and private data.

An additional factor that makes this area of security more complex is the issue of protecting such infrastructure by considerably reducing the traditional use of on-call personnel.

3NTT Group's Safety Model for sensitive sites is based on open-technology platforms that integrate the implemented systems and allow communication with external processes, analysing and correlating gathered information to guarantee an optimized security investment.

Systems differ according to the type of site, e.g. military airports, naval bases, barracks, ammunition depots, communication and management infrastructures, headquarters, penitentiaries, embassies, museums, courts and so on.

In all cases, the integrated platform includes perimeter control, remote identification of possible external threats, access control to facilities, video surveillance of external and internal areas, automation and control access, detection of possible cyberattacks, management of Safety systems and the supervision of technical infrastructure and supporting communication.

The heart of the control process is the supervisory Operations Centre, where collected data are analysed and interventions coordinated in a targeted manner in case of critical events. Additionally, the Centre can interact in bidirectional mode with the systems and functional subsystems present in the field, via telecommunication networks. The system software enables the automation of all control procedures, maximizing the level of security and optimizing the use of operational staff.


Industry and Commerce

There are risks faced by companies in relation to fires, sabotage of production machinery, contamination, theft of goods in loading, unloading and storage areas, and industrial espionage of company secrets, patents and sensitive information.

3NTT's Model for the security of companies operating in the chemical-pharmaceutical, logistics, large distribution etc. sectors, identifies the potential dangers that threaten the organization and provides a solution that increases resilience and responsiveness. This safeguards the interests of stakeholders, production activities and their image, reducing the impact on a management, administrative and legal level.

The proposed Security and Technological Control solutions are integrated security systems based upon platforms that enable communication with the outside world, and analysis to correlate information collected via the implemented security systems.

The adopted and integrated technologies aim to cover the perimeter area with video surveillance, intrusion and access control equipment, and to protect internal areas via fire detection systems, and control of entry into sensitive areas, production areas, warehouses and other common areas.They are also designed to protect logical access to the company's IT resources.

The objective of 3NTT Group's proposal is the management of all aspects of security via a single interlocutor, maximizing results and optimizing costs.

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