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Wind turbines

Green Security

Energy-controlled security systems

The environmental sector, in particular solar and wind farms, have consistently been subjected to all kinds of damage caused by the removal of conductors, panels and networking equipment.

Damages stemming from production failure and penalties can typically exceed the damage incurred by the infrastructure itself.

With Green Security, 3NTT Group supports the property or asset manager in all aspects of environmental risk management, by supporting or replacing the O&M in the activities related to the management and maintenance of security systems and data transmission infrastructures.

Green Security offers services designed on the basis of specific needs, such as control room management, security systems and alarm interventions using the most advanced tools to achieve the optimum result, respecting pre-set budgets. Activities are planned and organized after careful data analysis, solving complex system problems in an effective manner without obstructing other operations.

Green Security supports the client in consulting and management, from preliminary plant phases up to implementation and the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of all infrastructures. Specifically, it carries out the following activities:

  • Analysis and feasibility studies, design, implementation, integration and management of complex plants

  • Due diligence performance of security systems

  • Analysis of critical areas

  • Advise on acquisitions and disposals

  • Risk management

  • Systems for the security, planning, control and management of all operators' activities

  • Control room and on-site interventions


The security systems controlling the energy systems are tailored to the needs of each customer and are fully scalable.
Additionally, thanks to drones, aerial shots and environmental surveys, aerial photogrammetry and proximity inspections are possible right up to the final output.

Drone Image by Josh Sorenson

Energy & Safety

Environmental heritage is a common "natural" asset to be safeguarded against natural events and threats caused by human activity.

The 3NTT Environmental Safety Model aims at protecting this naturalistic heritage via the implementation of monitoring systems at environmental conservation level, in order to detect risks and critical issues, whether malicious in origin (e.g. damage, vandalism, fire) or due to natural occurrences (e.g. landslides, floods).

Via access control and video surveillance, courtesy of cameras and other sensors, you can detect potential intrusions at dams, reservoirs, wind farms and photovoltaic systems to monitor the weather situation in nature reserves and national parks.

The implementation of these systems prevents crime by acting as a deterrent, supporting emergency response activities in the case of critical events and providing information to help support post-event investigations.

Integrating the security solution with SCADA systems also allows for control information in real time, acquisition and processing of data, and automatic management of alarms. The systems are interconnected on a composite communication network through which they can communicate with the active core of the process in the Operations Center, and integrate information from outside.

Image by GeoJango Maps

Air relief services


Identifies the spatial position of the points of interest about the object in question.​

Thermography for precision agriculture

Provides a significant amount of qualitative and quantitative data on crops.

Geology, technical and thematic cartography

Produces orthophotos via the APR systems and SFM software, fundamental for cartography techniques, thematic maps and all applications of these.

Multispectral remote sensing

Records the amount of energy that objects reflect in the different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, to produce accurate thematic maps.

Thermography for photovoltaics

Detects in a non-invasive way the physical state of structures, for example to verify the energy dispersion of buildings.

Environmental monitoring

Accurately identifies environmental violations, in order to counter and prevent these.

Hyperspectral remote sensing

Measures the radiation emitted or reflected by objects on various bands, with variable intensity according to chemical / physical makeup.

Forensics, crime scenes

Reconstructs crime scenes three-dimensionally. The 3NTT workforce is ENAC-certified, with extensive international experience in video analysis in military environments and telecommunications.

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