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In the name of Freedom: 3NTT Season’s greetings and donation to Ukraine Hub

Updated: Feb 20

Sabino, 3NTT CEO, in front of Trinity Church Enfield Ukraine Hub
Sabino, 3NTT CEO, in front of Trinity Church Enfield Ukraine Hub

As most of you already know, it is not by chance that we chose to call our company 3NTT – the acronym for ‘Free Entity’. Rather, it is to reflect the main value at the very core of our mission: providing security solutions that preserve the freedom of all users, rather than limiting it.

Approaching the beginning of the Festive season, we have chosen to make a donation of £4,000 to the Trinity Church Enfield Ukraine Hub, in North London, to express our solidarity towards the Ukraine people.

The hub, set up soon after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Spring 2022, has been providing very valuable practical help to Ukrainians refuges in need – such as employment advice, English language lessons, psychological support and the provision of many essentials – as well as being a place of friendship and ‘belonging’ for those affected by the war, very often mothers and children in considerable need of a welcoming environment and assistance. Through the hub, vital help has also reached people struggling in Ukraine and injured soldiers through collaboration with a local NGO and on-site volunteers.

In the words of 3NTT CEO Sabino Sinesi: ‘We chose to generously support this initiative and organisation because they reflect our core values of Safety and Freedom. Our wish is to send a clear message of peace, hope and liberty for Christmas and the New Year, to those most in need, as well as to our esteemed customers.'

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